9 Ways to Be More Eco-friendly at Home

Want to live a more environmentally conscious life but aren’t sure where to begin or if your efforts will make a difference? Going green may be daunting at times, and it’s tempting to believe that unless you’re a full-fledged zero-waste-producing eco-warrior, there’s no sense bothering.

Consider this: If we all started taking more modest steps together, it would make a difference — and, like most things, it begins at home.

So, apart from recycling, what else can you do to make your home a little sustainable?

1. Don’t Leave Everything on Standby Mode

It may appear to be a nuisance when someone repeatedly turns things off at the plug, but did you know that gadgets may continue to drain energy even when they are not in use if they are left connected into a live socket? 

Turning off socket to reduce energy wastage
Source: Lightfield studios

So, do the environment a favor and stop keeping stuff on standby. (According to the Solar Centre, the average home might save £30 per year by adopting this as well.)


2. Limit Your Laundry

No one is advocating that you neglect your hygiene, but unless a lengthier hot wash is essential, utilize your washing machine’s excellent option on a short cycle while doing your laundry, and only wash garments if they truly require it. 

You may occasionally remove minor stains with a sponge, and woolens and jeans don’t need to be washed very often – try airing your clothing to freshen them up in between washes.


3. Think Carefully About What You’re Buying

Could you be more conscientious about your purchases, perhaps buying new items less frequently, allowing you to spend a little more on sustainably produced goods that are built to last?

Woman shopping online from home

“Sustainability begins with abstaining from consumption. “Ask yourself if you need what you think you need,” says Naomi Cleaver, a TV interior designer. She has collaborated with Moda (modaliving.com) on initiatives to help revolutionize city center living across the UK. 

“Before you buy anything, check out websites like Freecycle and eBay (as well as charity shops). In addition, there are several sharing websites and applications that allow you to rent out home items, such as infrequently used tools, rather than purchasing them. 

To paraphrase William Morris, always acquire things for your home that you love and will last for years, as opposed to fleeting trends.”


4. Get Crafty

Getting in touch with your artsy, creative side may also help you purchase less (and discover a stress-busting pastime in the process). “Learn how to manufacture items out of old garments, such as pillow coverings and draft excluders – which will also help you save money on your heating bills,” says Cleaver.

Designing crafts with fabric


5. Don’t Just Chuck Things Out

Do you have a habit of throwing things away when they stop working or break and obtain an upgrade? It’s always worth evaluating whether anything is repairable initially. Then, “Learn how to fix things.” 

Take DIY classes if you need to learn new skills or brush up on old ones. “People toss things away much too often when a simple repair is all that is required,” adds Cleaver. (And if you’re not up to the task, there’s sure to be a neighborhood handyman who is.)


6.  Grow Your Own Herbs

Grow-your-own is an excellent method to eliminate some of the packing waste produced by grocery stores – and a few herbs are an excellent place to begin. Why? Because all you’ll need are a few pots and a good windowsill, and once you realize how gratifying it is, you never know, it could encourage you to start a full veg box or patch in the yard!

Being eco-friendly at home

7.  Upgrade to More Energy-efficient Appliances

Are your energy expenses out of control? And is your fridge/freezer/tumble dryer/boiler a bit out of date? That is most likely the reason. However, modern appliance lines offer considerably more energy-efficient designs, so it’s worth examining whether a more environmentally friendly (and, in the long run, more cost-effective) update is necessary.

According to The Solar Centre (thesolarcentre.co.uk), a solar light expert, “you may save up to £240 a year by installing a more efficient boiler.” While the initial cost may appear to be prohibitive, it will prove to be more cost-effective in the long run.’


8.  Be an Insulation Pro

Look for any opportunity to keep warm without having to resort to cranking up the central heating or chucking coal on the fire. As well as the ‘big jobs,’ like double glazing and ensuring your walls and loft are well insulated, consider whether heat’s being lost up unused chimneys (you can get them blocked), draughty doors and ‘cold’ décor – if you’ve got exposed flooring, laying some rugs, and having snuggly throws. Cushions on your sofas and chairs will help you keep cozy.


9.  Invest in Solar

Investing in solar panels may benefit the environment by dramatically lowering carbon emissions and home energy expenses. According to The Solar Centre, “while there is a significant upfront investment to install solar panels, you may save about £800 per year after installation is completed.”


3 Sustainable Home Buys


Eco-Friendly Kitchen Dish Cleaning Set

We often use traditional kitchen scrubbers and sponges. Have you wondered where they go after you’re done with it? These scrubbers and sponges are not biodegradable at all. Therefore they end up in some oceans and pollute the waterways with microplastics. Again, they also need frequent replacement increasing pollution. 

The Everest eco-friendly dishwashing is not plastic-made. Instead, they are manufactured using sustainable, long-lasting bamboo, coconut, sisal and palm fibers. 

Eco Friendly Kitchen Dish Cleaning Set - Biodegradable and Highly Durable | Perfect for Zero Waste Homes | 5 Piece Set

This Five-piece brush set contains- 

  • 1 coconut bristle bottle brush
  • 1 sisal all-purpose brush
  • 1 sisal dish brush
  • 1 palm dish brush
  • 1 sisal vegetable brush


Project Eco21: Eco-Friendly Products Family Set

Whether you want an eco-friendly kit for family or gift, this eco-friendly bundle gives you complete personal care supplies. These plastic-free, zero-waste products are biodegradable and do not harm the environment. So say no to single-use plastics! 

This is the ultimate home product you can get for your family. The product is delivered using sustainable packaging. You can also have this kit with you when traveling a long distance or when you’re on a trip away from home. 

Project Eco21 Eco Friendly Products Gift Set | Sustainable Gifts Bundle of Zero Waste Products | Set of 6 Vegan Gifts and Sustainable Products | Reusable Cotton Rounds, Bamboo Toothbrushes, and More

The sustainable personal care kit contains- 

  • 15 Black Reusable Cotton Pads with Laundry Bag and Storage Tin
  • 300 Biodegradable Bamboo Cotton Buds
  • 5 Bamboo Toothbrushes
  • 5 Bamboo Interdental Brushes
  • 2 Sets of Bamboo Charcoal Dental Floss
  • 1 Reusable Storage Box


Certified Compostable Bags – 600 Count

People often opt for polythene bags for trash without proper concern. However, these bags are not biodegradable and are hazardous to the environment. Therefore, opt for compostable bags; they are eco-friendly. 

POWERTEC ASTM D6400 Certified Compostable Bags – 600 Count | 9.84 Liter - 2.6 Gallon Trash Bags, 0.71 Mil, US BPI and European OK Compost Home Certification - 100% Sustainable Green Products

Powertec trash bags are certified green and polythene-free. Each of these bags is made from the starches of plants and ultimately, they are meant to replace the traditional harmful bags. 

They are strong and durable and bear 0.71 Mil thickness. In addition, they are environmentally friendly garbage disposal bags.



We use different materials at home, but we are not concerned about them being safe for the environment. Therefore, pay attention to what you use and wear. Apart from materials, remember to be energy-efficient at your home. Don’t leave anything in standby mode. You might invest in solar panels, too, if you have the opportunity.  


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