5 Natural Toilet Cleaners to Make Your Commode Shine!

An eco-friendly toilet cleaner is necessary for any home. I will help you in conserving the environment as you clean the toilet. It is also necessary to go for a nontoxic toilet bowl cleaner that will speed up the process of cleaning your toilet and at the same time contribute towards conserving the environment


There are several bathroom cleaners in the market. It is easy to get confused if you are not careful when choosing the bathroom cleaners.

We have taken the time to research around and locate the perfect products you can buy. You can follow our product recommendations, and it will be easy to identify the best products that will serve you well.

Best Toilet Cleaners

1. Eco-me Natural Powerful Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Eco-me Natural Powerful Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Clear, Herbal Mint, 32 Fl Oz It is a powerful natural toilet bowl cleaner you can get. The cleaner formulation is among the best you can get to keep your toilet clean. The toilet bowl cleaner application will make you realize the best results as you clean the toilet. 

It is a plant-based product you can apply to keep your toilet smelling mint. All-natural ingredients make many homeowners look forward to supporting their bathrooms safely. 

Each time you use it, you will have a clean and healthy home. Family members will not have to worry about germs in the bathroom. It is a high-quality cleaner that incorporates several ingredients that make it very safe and reliable.

The cleaner is water safe. It will remove toxins and keep the surfaces clean; no harmful chemicals are applied in the formulation. You will get a high-quality product that will assure you the best results as you clean the surfaces. 

Clean and healthy ingredients make it safe for your pets and kids. You can always count on it to assure you the best results as you try to keep surfaces clean.

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2. Better Life Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Better Life Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner, 24 Ounce (Pack of 2) Tea Tree & Peppermint Scent To allow you to realize the best results. It is a high-quality tea tree-based cleaner you can apply, and it will assure you the best cleaning experience. 

The use of natural ingredients makes many people prefer it. Each time you get the bowl cleaner, it will make you enjoy the best cleaning experience. It is highly effective in removing stubborn stains. Each time you apply the cleaner, it will leave a peppermint scent that will be very attractive to your family members. 

When you may realize your toilet has an unpleasant smell, there is no need to worry, you can apply the cleaner, and it will restore a great smell.

The safe septic ingredients will keep your home in good shape. You will not have to worry about the septic getting damaged; it is a high-quality cleaner that has been proven to be highly effective. Apply it when cleaning your surfaces, and it will keep the whole home safe. 

Its thick formulation makes it cling to the surfaces that will lead to effective cleaning. It assures you a frustration-free cleaning experience. All increments included are safe for waterways. Get the product, and it will ensure you the best results.

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3. Seventh Generation Emerald Cypress Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Seventh Generation Emerald Cypress and Fir Scent Toilet Bowl Cleaner 32 oz, 8-Pack It is a cruelty-free toilet cleaner that you can apply to realize the best results. The natural toilet bowl cleaner comes in a high-quality formulation making it very effective. It kills different types of germs to keep your toilet safe. 

Family members can apply it to keep surfaces clean. Emerald and cypress scent will keep your home smelling great. Each time you apply the cleaner, it will make you enjoy the best toilet cleaning experience. 

It assures you the highest level of cleanness. Homeowners looking for environmentally friendly toilet cleaners find it very helpful. 

All ingredients are plant-based, making the toilet cleaner very useful. You can apply it to eliminate harmful chemicals in your home. The formula is biodegradable and septic safe.

Apply it in your everyday cleaning, and it will never let you down. People opting for high-quality products prefer it; it is certified cruelty free. Vegans can get it and keep their toilets clean. You can get the cruelty free toilet cleaner and keep your home safe. Vegans prefer it because it has all the safe ingredients.

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4. Method Bathroom Cleaner

Method Bathroom Cleaner, Eucalyptus Mint, 28 Ounce (Pack 8) There are no harsh chemicals used in the formulation. You can get a toilet cleaner to get rid of germs from your home. The eucalyptus and mint cleaner works perfectly to realize the best results as you clean the surfaces. 

Each time you apply it to clean surfaces in your home, it will leave behind a fresh mint smell. Different ingredients in the cleaner make it very reliable—no worry about elbow grease or stubborn stains.

A great eucalyptus mint scent is left each time you apply it to clean your toilet. Many people prefer the cleaner because it is highly effective in making you realize the best results. 

There are no harmful chemicals in the cleaner. You will get safe ingredients that will contribute to making your home eco-friendly. The components can biodegrade, making them safe for the septic. 

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5. Earth Friendly Toilet Cleaner

Earth Friendly Toilet Kleener 24 oz. (Pack of 6) When in your toilet cleaning exercise, it is essential to get a high-quality toilet cleaner to assure you the best results. The application of safe ingredients makes it eco-friendly. 

You can get the products, and they will work correctly to allow you to realize the best results. Water and essential oils are used in the product to make it safe.

You will not have to worry about the bad smell from your bathroom. The coconut oil and the citric ingredients will leave a combination of natural scents in your bathroom. 

People prefer the high-quality product because it assures them the best results as they clean the toilet. 

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How to Make Your Toilet Earth-friendly?

You can keep your toilet earth-friendly if you can pick all-natural products in cleaning your toilet. Get the best natural toilet bowl cleaner, and it will be easy for you to realize the best results as you try to keep the toilet clean. 

All-natural cleaners are among the safe toilet cleaners you can get in the market. We have taken the time to research several products available in the market to recommend the best to you. You can follow our recommendations, and it will be easy to pick the best products.

Why Bathroom Hygiene Is Important?

It is essential to check on your bathroom hygiene. When you keep the bathroom clean, you will avoid cases where the family members will develop complications because of germs

Bacteria can build up in your bathroom and lead to infections. It will be easy for you to keep your family safe if you can check out the products you apply to keep the bathroom clean.

The bathroom floor stays wet most of the time, leading to the development of bacteria. Invest in good quality products, and they will work towards keeping your bathroom clean. 

How to Clean Toilets Naturally?

To clean the toilet naturally, you will have to apply all-natural ingredients. Use tea tree oil and vinegar to kill the germs. The application of a toilet brush made out of natural materials makes it possible to keep your toilet cleaning exercise eco friendly. Some chemicals can affect water bodies. Try to avoid them in your toilet cleaning process.

How to Make Toilet Cleaner Liquid?

You will need distilled water, baking soda, castile soap, vinegar, and tea tree essential oils. You can as well use other types of essential oils to kill the germs. Mix them well, then add water to develop a liquid mixture that will contribute to killing germs in your bathroom. 

What Is a Toilet Bowl Cleaner?

Toilet bowl cleaners are solutions that you apply to clean the toilet. For the case of eco-friendly solutions, they are biodegradable. They will decompose through bacteria’s action and avoid cases where you will have to deal with pollution issues. 

How to Clean Toilet Seat Naturally?

Apply natural solutions such as vinegar and tea tree oil as detergents. You can as well apply baking soda, and it will kill the germs on the toilet seat, making it easy for you to realize the best results as you try to keep the toilet clean. The natural solutions will contribute towards keeping your home clean naturally.

How to Keep the Toilet Bowl Clean Naturally?

Use a spray bottle of vinegar to kill the germs, then flash. You can avoid hard water through the introduction of water softening filters. Baking soda can be as well applied to remove stubborn stains. Flush the toilet to keep it clean.

Final Thoughts

You can quickly get the best natural toilet cleaner from our research. The products we recommend here are all eco-friendly. Buy one, and you will contribute towards environmental conservation.

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