How to Clean Automatically Using Hi-tech Floor Cleaning Machines

You can keep your home clean through the application of Hi-tech cleaning machines. There are several types of floor cleaners you can apply to clean different types of floors. For instance, some machines such as carpet extractors are designed to remove dirt from carpets. 


You can use them to keep your carpets clean. The application of high-quality buffers makes it easy to keep your floors shining. Check out the pros and cons of a given floor cleaner before you can decide to invest. 


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The Ultimate Guide to Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Cleaning


There are several things you need to know about eco-friendly and sustainable cleaning products. Products that are made out of sustainable materials do not pollute the environment. It is essential to go for such products, and it will be easy for you to contribute to environmental conservation. 

Some companies are known to make eco-friendly products. You can switch to buying products from such companies, and it will be easy to realize the best results as you try to contribute to environmental conservation. We have taken time to research frequently asked questions to recommend to you the best products that can serve you well.

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Eco-friendly Carpet Cleaning

eco-friendly carpet cleaning

The carpet cleaning industry has slowly taken a turn for the green. Thus, many cleaning companies and households are continuously changing from the traditional standard carpet cleaning products and adopting the trending eco-friendly carpet cleaning products. This is usually after learning some of the impacts left behind by both products independently and leaning towards the best solution.

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Is Bleach Bad for the Environment?

is bleach eco friendly

Whether you are looking for eco-friendly cleaning services or safe cleaning methods for your home, bleach is known to be the go-to when you want to ensure a thorough clean. This is has become even more critical since the world was swept by the Covid-19 pandemic. With greater awareness of the environmental impact we are having on our planet, people are now asking “is bleach bad for the environment?”. Another question many people forget to ask is whether it is safe for us? We assume that it is because it has been around for decades but then so was asbestos and lead paint.

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How Bad are Cleaning Products for the Environment?

eco friendly cleaning products

A question often asked today is how bad are cleaning products for the environment? In modern society, we have become used to certain levels of hygiene and cleanliness – and in order to ensure that we are not exposed to harmful microorganisms or even dirt, we go to extraordinary lengths to ensure that our homes and businesses are clean and disinfected.

This has led to a flourishing industry that provides the cleaning agents that we use daily. We acknowledge these also provide valuable jobs for people, but replacing chemical-based cleaners with those that are natural doesn’t reduce jobs, it simply improves the product and helps our environment. There is increasing awareness that many of these cleaning agents can cause damage to the natural environment.

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How to tell if Cleaning Products are Eco-Friendly

eco friendly

Switching to an eco-friendly lifestyle is something all of us should consider, but the challenge is how to tell if cleaning products are eco-friendly when you are buying. One of the biggest pet peeves of those who have tried this is that not all eco-friendly cleaning products are truly effective. This article shows you how to shop around for such products and what to look for when making your buying decision.

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10 Best Eco Friendly Dishwashing

eco friendly dishwashing

The world demands from us to “go green,” and the best way you can play your part is by shifting towards eco-friendly products. One such way to shift to green products is by using eco friendly dishwashing detergents at your home to do the dishes.

Environmentally friendly dishwashing soaps have gained a significant reputation in the recent past. These products are made of environmental-friendly ingredients that do not disrupt the surroundings. These soaps are far better than conventional detergents.

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10 Best Natural Cleaning Products for your Home

eco-friendly cleaning products

Cleaning your home can be seen as a chore but it has never before been more important than it is now, but ideally, you want to use natural cleaning products. Our homes need to be a safe haven and being clean is a core element of being safe which is one of the “basic needs” identified in Maslow’s Heirarchy of Needs. We all wish that our home looks clean and tidy for our guests but the Covid-19 pandemic has heightened our awareness of the necessity of cleanliness and protecting the environment. Keeping your house clean does not mean that you need to expose your home, or your household, to toxins and harmful chemicals that are dangerous for the environment.

The best alternative to these harmful chemicals is shifting to green cleaning products. These products clean your home naturally without leaving an unpleasant chemical residue and not harming your pets and loved ones.

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Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products for the Coronavirus

eco friendly cleaning products

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a dangerous infectious disease that has severely affected the entire world. It is a nasty virus that transmits from humans to humans. The virus originated in China and has been declared a pandemic by the WHO (World Health Organization). One of the most important pieces of advice from medical professional is about hygiene so this article provides advice about the best eco-friendly cleaning products for the Coronavirus.

Currently, no cure is available for this disease. The world is experiencing lockdown and in a state of self-isolation. People are not allowed to meet each other and are asked to maintain a social distance of at least one meter from each other so that the virus does not transmit from one person to the other.

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